DR  Dr. Shashi Singh

         State President

DR   Ashutosh Singh

         State Secretary

  Satyendra  Singh Pal

         State Treasurer

Heading 1

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     Lakhmi Sonkar

(State S. Vice President)

          Ritu Pathak

  State Kho-Kho Incharge 

       Rasmi Singh 

(state Vice President)

    Arun Govil Singh

(State Vice President)

 Shesh Narayan Mishra

 (State Vice President)

Sandeep Kumar Singh

(State Joint Secretory)

          Parvez Ali

(State Joint Secretory)

Sanajay Kumar Verma

(State Joint Secretory)

Kuldeep Kumar Vansal

(state Yogaa Incharge

      Ram kumar Singh Yadav

State Tenis Cricket Incharge

             ku. Monika

   State Vollyball incharge

          Mukesh Kumar

State Power Lifting Incharge

        Anil Kapoor

State Cricket Incharge

   Vibhor Bhriguvanshi

State Basketball Incharge

     Sanjeev Katiyar

State Boxing Incharge

     Ravendra singh

    Founder Member

         Kartar Singh

State Wrestling Incharge

      Aftab Alam Khan

State Badminton Incharge

      Nazia siddiqui

State Hockey incharge


State Table-Tanis Incharge

       Khurshid Ali

State Hockey Incharge

      Manju Bharti

State Yoga Incharge

       Simmi Singh

State Football Incharge

  Animesh Shriwastav

    Founder Member

       Sanjeet Saroj

     Founder Member

      Sanjay Kumar

State Handball Incharge

     Satyendr Singh

    Founder Member

        Madhuri Yadav

State Taekwondo Incharge

        Abhishek Singh

State Gymnastic Incharge

     Reena Singh

State Cricket Incharge

      Anuj Kashyap

State Karate Incharge

Manmohan Singh Chauhan

        Founder Member

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-16 at 9.42.58 PM

    Sunil Ku. Vashisth

State Kabaddi Incharge

Mukesh Kumar Shukla

State Vollyball Incharge

       Anjay Kumar Das

State KHO-KHO Incharge


State Badminton Incharge

       Mahendra KU. Singh

State Table-Tenis Incharge

       Prakash Kumar

      Founder Member

             Preeti Tiwari

State Tenis Cricket Incharge

    Amresh Kumar Singh

State Shooting Incharge


     Praveen Kumar

State Netball Incharge


   Manoj Kumar Saroj

    Founder Member


     Shalini Sharma

State Ethletics Incharge

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Teachers Games Welfare Association Uttar Pradesh has been constituted by the teachers / teachers associated with sports in the Department of Basic Education, Department of Secondary Education and Universities of Uttar Pradesh to train talented children of backward and disadvantaged sections in related sports and prepare them on national and international platforms has been done. Since all the sports / exercise teachers are associated with the association, they are associated with the government department, so the association will cooperate in basic / secondary sports competitions. Working committees of the association have been formed in more than 800 development blocks, 75 districts and 18 divisions of all Uttar Pradesh, so the association will be able to provide opportunities in the field of sports and health by choosing remote rural talented children. The main objectives are as following.



                                                                                                   Objectives of association

1 - By promoting sports and physical education,  sports, health, competitions and training of teachers, women, boys and girls to organise .

2- From the local level to state and national level of teachers and students of recognized, financially aided schools operated by teachers and students / students of all basic boards in Uttar Pradesh and other states, basic, secondary, colleges, universities etc. Sports competitions and To provide equal opportunities to everyone while advancing the level of the game of Trials.

3- variety of individual and group sports such as athletics (all events of running, throwing, jumping), badminton, lawn-tennis, table-tennis, Chess, judo, karate, archery, shooting, wrestling, kabaddi, kho-kho, volleyball, football, basketball, hockey, cricket, handball, gymnastics, yoga, etc. Competitive and energetic players to progress progressively by organizing state and national level competitions without any caste, class wise discrimination.

4- Free training camps / trials for children of poor, helpless and backward areas, adults and women to enhance and promote sports capabilities. to organise .

5. To take teachers and children forward in various social functions like environmental protection, red cross, scouting and disaster management.

6- Inviting players of national and international repute in various sports through the institution, teachers by them And to organize training / camps for boys / girls related sports.

7. Promotion of sportspersons by distributing prizes, honoring ceremonies for teachers / women or children who are available in the field of sports.

8- To meet the economic expenditure of the Games by obtaining support from various government / non-government companies / firms / institutions / agencies for organizing the Games.

9 - To organize rallies or seminars in collaboration with government / non-government events on national events such as World Yoga Day, World Environment Day, National Sports Day, Health Day etc.

10- To assist the players for employment, business, etc. through the organization.

11- Explain the importance of environmental protection, pollution, social forestry and tree transplantation through sports and to create public awareness.

12- To liberate the young generation from drug addiction through sports.

13- Through the organization, by organizing sports competitions for adults and players above the age of 60 years to make them health conscious.

14- To make contact with various agencies for the purchase of sports equipment and make it available free of cost to players from backward and deprived areas.

15- To provide opportunities for players to participate in regional and national sports competitions organized or approved by the organization.

16- Providing opportunities for players to play by establishing contact with various government / non-government stadiums

17- To provide financial help to the children of the talented poor and backward classes in the field of sports.

18- To promote the Fit India and Khelo India slogans of the Government of India through competitions. In addition to doing such other tasks which are as mentioned in the memorendom and rules of association.