Teacher's Games

*Offer letter For sponsorship*

Dear Sponsors/Advertising Managers of the

Companies/ farm/agencies/showrooms/malls/school/collage/hospitals of U.P.

We are a sports event organiser and advertisers by government teacher's games in all over Uttar Pradesh.

*We are also a marketing promoter of every farm/agency/company/association etc who sponsored teachers games.*

The teacher's games is going start soon after UP govt. regulations during Corona.

*For advance booking without any pay you can leave message at with name and district/region name from any where of UP.*

Sponsorship will start from minimum 5000 Rs.(term and conditions are applied)

*Our upcoming events is fallowing👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇*

*1- Charity match of Women's cricket at Lucknow*

*2- Prizemoney Teacher's cricket premier league in all district and a state (8 teams in each)*

*3- Prize money Pro. Kabaddi for women's and men's in all regional levels and a state (8 teams in each)*

*4- Prize money Pro. Volleyball in all regional levels and a state (8 teams in each)*

*5- Prize money Badminton Champion ship*

*6- Champion ship of Athletics*


After a massage we shall contact you surly to sponsor games in you district and we are sure that you will find benifits with us as well as many agencies are getting with a nice relationship with govt teachers of U.P.

*We promote your business with social media/print/electronic media.*


Fit india teacher's games welfare association u.p.



*Contact no.*



*Facebook group*

*Facebook page*

*LinkedIn profile*

*Youtube chainal*

*Telegram account*


More than 10000 Groups of govt. Teachers in U.P.

*Twitter account*

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